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Tailored Tutoring for Young Learners in Kenton, Harrow, and the Surrounding Areas

''Ajit teaches different methods to schools so we can learn faster and do it which helps save a lot of time. He's the best maths tutor I've had and I don't regret going there''

Tailored Tutoring for Young Learners in Kenton, Harrow, and the Surrounding Areas

''From an early age I struggled with maths so from year 9 onwards I went to A* star tutors. At first I found it difficult, as the resources Ajit gave us was challenging but he would always push you to strive for the best, which enabled me to build up skills and thrive in the subjects I had always struggled with. I then took maths as one of my A level and Ajit gave me confidence to do so''

Educational support in the classroom

Encouraging Social Learning

With highly qualified tutors across an array of departments ,  our tutoring service encourages social learning, preparing students for adult life as well as their examinations.

Independent learning for examination

Generating Strong Results

By catering to students’ individual needs and fostering an environment of respect, our tutors get impressive results  from those who learn with us.

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About Us

If you’re looking for dedicated educational support in Harrow and the surrounding areas, look no further than our private tutors in Kenton. Specialising in maths, tutors with A Star Tutors (UK) Ltd are committed to encouraging students to achieve their full potential while also preparing for adulthood. All our tutors are highly qualified, backed by more than 33 years of teaching experience and 24 years’ experience as examiners.

Diverse Methods

Our aim is to create a diverse learning environment that produces great results. From Key Stage 2 and 2 to GCSE and A Level, students are not only taught in line with the national curriculum but invited to share their individual needs and shape their own tuition. Our modern classroom is well equipped, enabling the use of different teaching styles.

Social Learning

In our classroom, we encourage teamwork and a sense of social responsibility to help develop our student’s interpersonal skills. Study groups and other interesting opportunities outside of class provide students with an opportunity to:

Social Learning

  • Develop Their Interests

  • Apply Their Learning in Practical Ways

  • Enjoy Socialising with Other Classes and Year Groups

More than just a school, we help our students learn for life, fostering a culture of mutual respect and cooperation.

Subject Areas

Subject Areas

  • Key Stage 2

  • 11+ and 13+ Exam Preparation

  • GCSE and A-Level Mathematics, Further Maths, and Statistics

Great Results

Great Results

  • 80% of Students Receive A* to A Grades

  • 97% of Students Receive Passing A* to C Grades in GCSE and A-Level Mathematics and Statistics